The Jaguars offseason begins with a baffling start

Heading into the 2016 NFL season, I was excited about the Jacksonville Jaguars. They acquired several young players and had a great draft class. But like usual, they disappointed me and went 3-13. However, with Tom Coughlin in the picture I knew things would be different. But this different? 

Firstly, I will praise the Jags for resigning Abry Jones, he ranked well (32 out of 77) for four years. Also they got rid of Jared Odrick who after impressing in 2015 (14 out 48) crashed last season (56 out of 62) and had character problems. They also restructured Chad Henne’s contract. 

But then things have been perplexing. They didn’t retain Kelvin Beachum (25 out of 32), while he didn’t wow anyone, he was coming off a ACL injury, and was only 27. They are going to replace him with 32 year old injury prone Branden Albert, who isn’t much of a upgrade (20 out of 32). The Dolphins were going to cut him anyway, so it’s odd the Jags gave a draft pick away.

But they are giving Julius Thomas away for a 7th rounder. Why? He has underachieved, but few tight ends have his athleticism and he is only 28. Our best tight end is Marcedes Lewis, is decent but is not starting material. 

I’m questioning these moves, then again, last offseason I was ecstatic and the results speak for themselves. So who knows.


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